Wow!  I haven't blogged since September.  That's the longest break I've taken yet.  I have been busy with life in general but have still been painting here and there.  My break has more to do with time management than anything else.  I seem to have over-scheduled myself and haven't allowed enough down time during the day to get a regular blogging schedule.  During the week, I try to get as many things as I can in before I have to pick up my boys from school.  I took a day off last week because I wasn't feeling well and I have to say that it felt great to just completely slow down and stay home with having no where I needed to be until 2:30 pm.  I need to take scheduled breaks like that from time to time.

I took a painting workshop with Tracy Verdugo last weekend and I have to say the experience was so awesome and inspiring.  I will write a separate post about that soon.  I mention it because I'm currently in a painting frenzy as a result with 4 canvases going.  It has completely renewed my passion to paint and I try to squeeze in painting time whenever I can get it.

I just completed this commission for a friend.  I will be meeting her at Jerry's Artarama tomorrow afternoon to give it to her. You know what that means, right?!  The price of the painting is going to be spent there.  :)