Magic Garden

I've been on a painting tear lately and have several canvases in progress.  I recently finished this one called "Magic Garden".  I seem to find dragonflies in my work a lot.

This is 11" X 14" on Gallery Wrapped Canvas with 1.5" sides painted black.  It's available for sale.

From this:


To this:
Magic Garden

Wild and Free

I haven't posted in forever! I'm sorry about that! I've been busy painting, painting, painting! I've also had a student for the last three weeks coming to my house to learn to paint. She came over three times a week for about 2 hours at a time. I loved having her here and sharing my passion with her. She pretty much finished her painting today except for a few final touches. Her painting is beautiful!

I finished this elephant not too long ago. It's 24" X 24" and is available for sale and is titled "Wild and Free". Here are the evolution photos:



First and Last...

The first painting of the new year was started on January 1.  Not only was it the first day of the new year but also a new moon.  The title of this painting is called "Dancing in the Light of the New Moon".  It was one of the quickest paintings I've done at this size of 30" X 30".  It was almost as if she painted herself. It all came together really well.  You can see the evolution here:

From this:

To this:

And I wanted to show you my last painting of 2013 that was completed on December 30, 2013.  This is "One Fish, Two Fish..."  This one is 12" X 12".

The Seahorse

I've been painting up a storm lately and enjoying every minute of it.  I feel like I found my groove.  The following are the progression shots of the painting.  I always enjoy looking at other artist's progression shots so I hope you will enjoy these as well.

2013-11-11 13.23.35-1

2013-11-29 15.56.41

2013-12-06 14.26.43



I'm still painting up a storm every chance I get.  Over the last couple of weeks I've been working on a commission painting for a friend.  I've really embraced what I've learned in the Paint Mojo class with Tracy Verdugo and promise to write about that experience soon.

Here is how this painting started:


And it looks like this completed:


It's 24" X 24" and will be going to its new home on Monday.  I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. This photo doesn't do it justice.

The Offering

I'm back!  I didn't intend to take the whole month of August off from blogging but one day ran into the next and before I knew it, it was September!  My kids are back in school so that frees up my schedule and I'm back into a semi normal routine.  I have paintings to share that I've been working on during the last month and I will post those in the coming days.

Below is a painting I finished the other night.  My family had gone to bed early.  Everyone is under the weather.  Both boys got colds less than a week into school.  While everyone slept, I painted.  I call this painting "The Offering".  I don't really know what kind of animal that is, I just drew him and didn't have anything specific in mind.  I really like him.

I will be listing this one in my Etsy shop.

8" X 8" acrylics on canvas

The Offering